Food intolerance v food allergy

Food Intolerance is not the same as allergy. If you are allergic to a particular type of food then the symptoms tend to show themselves very rapidly and often in quite severe way.

What is food intolerance?

Food Intolerance is a slower and less noticeable process. If you have an intolerance to a kind of food it may manifest in a particular way. Common symptoms of intolerance are headaches, irritable bowels, skin disorders or respiratory difficulties.

The symptons

It can be difficult to determine which food is the cause of your symptoms, as the symptoms may not show themselves for hours or even days after eating.

How we can help

Our testing service at
Food Intolerance Cornwall

A food intolerance cornwall test offers you a method of determining which foods you may be intolerant to and gives you the opportunity to improve your health by finding alternative

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